2017 Wedding Photography Highlights

After a lot of amazing photography opportunities last year, I thought it was time to pull together a highlights reel of my wedding photography work for 2017. It is always a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity of sharing the wedding day with the fantastic couples I get to photograph, and I really hope that shines through in my work.

I get immense enjoyment from capturing a wedding, from the little details, to the candid moments, the emotion, the fleeting tears and the many smiles. Finding new locations for couples is another part of the wedding day that I get a kick out of too.

The year was very special too as we had two family weddings. I couldn't make the first one, as our son had Chicken Pox! I did however manage to make it to the one in Canada, and it was a blast to have everyone together on the other side of the globe. I did squeeze in a few photos on the day, but for something different, these were all shot on film - which is something that I love to do - and you can see some of these in the set below. 

In terms of personal work, I did get the opportunity to get a good amount of that in too. Including some time off in NYC and San Fransisco. Again this was all shot on film, and I thought it would be nice to include some of those shots mixed in among the wedding photos too for something different. For those of you from Melbourne, you might be able to pick out some local spots in the personal photos too :)

Before you scroll down and have a look at the year that was, I'd like to say thanks again to each of the couples I worked with in 2017. I look forward to photographing many more this year. For those couples looking for some beautiful candid captures of their wedding day - feel free to say hello via the contact form. I look forward to it!

Thanks, Mark.

Here's to 2018 :)

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